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Can I Recover Workers Compensation if I Contracted the Coronavirus at Work in New Jersey?

Workers’ compensation is insurance that exists in the event that an employee becomes injured or ill as a result of their course of employment. When the Coronavirus pandemic struck the United States, there were many people who continued to work in their place of employment until New Jersey’s stay-at-home orders were enacted. Even still, many […]

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Illinois Reforms Workers’ Compensation Due to COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused life to change in many ways. As a result, we are experiencing unprecedented changes, even in law. In Illinois, a virtually unanimous vote in the General Assembly resulted in changes being made to its Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Disease statutes. This was done to address the impact the virus has […]

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California States Workers’ Compensation Applies to Coronavirus

According to a recent executive order issued by California Governor Gavin Newsom, any Coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnosis qualifies an employee for workers’ compensation benefits. Even if it is challenged in court, employers are required to act in accordance with Newsom’s order, otherwise they may face consequences. While the order can be subject to challenge, it is […]

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