When is the Best Time to Enroll My Clients with AllianceMeds?

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One comment we sometimes hear is “the Insurance Carrier hasn’t been hassling my client so shouldn’t I just the pharmacy they recommended? I don’t want to rock the boat…” While this approach may seem like a logical approach, there are several other questions to ponder. For more information on when is the best time to enroll your clients with us, read on and contact AllianceMeds today.

Is the Insurance Carrier in the habit of having your client’s best interests at heart?

Does the Insurance Carrier gain a benefit by controlling my client’s medications? The pharmacies selected by the Carrier will usually ask the Carrier before filling medications. The pharmacy may also arbitrarily impose a drug formulary to save the Carrier money and deny payments of medications not on the formulary and even pressure the prescribing physician to switch to a medication on the formulary. This results in your client’s treatment being determined by the Carrier’s profit margin rather than what the treating physician feels will offer the best result.

Would you allow the Insurance Carrier to choose your client’s treating physician or vocational expert? Of course not! You realize that Providers chosen by the Carrier have a financial interest in receiving future referrals from the Carrier. This is reflected in outrageous IME and DME opinions, panel doctors who offer little to no treatment, and vocational evaluations that are unfair. Pharmacies that receive referrals from Carriers have the same bias and desire for future referrals.

Does it really make sense to trust the Insurance Carrier to do the right thing or does it make more sense to plan ahead? There are several reasons enrolling your clients with AllianceMeds before they have problems is to their benefit.   

    1. Clients will never be in the position of having their medications denied and scrambling to quickly enroll in AllianceMeds, have the prescription sent to Alliance and have their meds delivered to their home.    Instead, medications will automatically be sent to their homes when they are due.    This saves your office time and allows you to complete enrollment tasks as your schedule permits rather than being in an urgent situation.

    2. AllianceMeds fills what your clients’ doctors prescribe.    This allows your clients and their doctors to regain control of their treatment, rather than keeping control in the Carrier’s hands.  

    3. AllianceMeds also requests LMNs and provides your office with any LMNs that may expand the work injury.   It is then your choice whether to pursue expanding the work injury.  

    4. AllianceMeds won’t bill third-party insurance or Medicare.   You will never get surprised with liens during settlement.  

    5. AllianceMeds provides future cost projections of medications to allow you to better negotiate settlements.

Enrolling your clients in AllianceMeds is a proactive step to ensure your clients receive their medications on time with no out-of-pocket expenses.