Medication Delivery Service for Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers' Compensation Medication Delivery Process

When an individual becomes injured on the job, they often need medication to help them heal. Of course, it is essential that the injured party has a reliable way to obtain their medications. The unfortunate reality is that many times, people who were injured on the job are unable to get to the pharmacy on their own, find themselves surprised by out-of-pocket costs or are denied medication altogether. With the help of AllianceMeds, these concerns are put to rest.

At AllianceMeds, our main goal is to ensure that injured workers receive their medication on time with as little stress as possible. When injured workers use AllianceMeds, they will never have out-of-pocket costs. We handle all medication reimbursement issues with the insurance company. Injured Workers can rest easy knowing that once we receive their prescription, they will have the medication delivered to their doorstep the next day. There is no cost to injured workers, attorneys or physicians for our services. If you are an injured worker who would like a simpler, more reliable way to get your medication, AllianceMeds can help. If you are the physician or attorney of an injured worker, partner with AllianceMeds for an easy, streamlined process. Contact AllianceMeds today.

How It Works

Working with AllianceMeds takes the complication out of medication delivery. AllianceMeds provides a quicker and easier way for injured workers to get their medications delivered directly to their doors with no additional costs. AllianceMeds:

  • Works closely with patients through the simple enrollment process. All we need is 15 minutes of your time to provide hassle-free medications!!!
  • Collects the prescription from the patient’s physician
  • Contacts the insurance carrier to confirm the claim is open and active
  • Works with the patient’s attorney if medications are denied or the case is in litigation
  • Delivers the medication within 24 hours
  • Collects payments and resolves any reimbursement issues related to a claim directly with the insurance company.

Benefits For Injured Workers

If you were injured in a workplace accident, the last thing you should have to worry about is when and how you will get your prescriptions filled. AllianceMeds is committed to making the delivery of medication as easy as possible, so you can focus on recovering. If issues arise, we will handle them. You can rest assured that we have it all covered.

AllianceMeds takes care of the needs of injured workers. Our simple, free program completely eliminates out-of-pocket prescription expenses during workers’ compensation cases.

We handle all calls with the insurance carrier, complete all claim forms and ship medications on time with no fees to you, your attorney, or your physician. It is our job to get reimbursed by insurance companies—not yours. Here’s how AllianceMeds pharmacy service works:

  • We call you to complete the enrollment process.
  • We contact your attorney for the relevant legal documents.
  • We contact your physician for prescriptions related to your workers’ compensation injury.
  • We ship your medications to your home via UPS overnight delivery.
  • We complete all claim forms and bill the insurance carrier directly.
  • We monitor your case and request refills as they become due.
  • You receive hassle-free, uninterrupted medications even during litigation.

Benefits For Physicians

Physicians understand how important it is for their patients to receive their medication on time. AllianceMeds is a hassle-free prescription delivery program that allows physicians to better serve their patients without the fear of added administrative expenses because of insurance company disputes. The process is as easy as can be. Once your patient enrolls with us, you will simply send their prescriptions to us by phone, mail, fax, or e-prescribe. Then we’ll overnight medications to your patient’s front door. When it comes time to refill a prescription, we will automatically fax you the refill requests 10 days in advance. Your staff and your patients will thank you for working with AllianceMeds and we’re sure you’ll be happy with your access to discuss patient matters, one on one, with our pharmacist, ensuring that the medications are filled as prescribed. We do not impose arbitrary drug formularies and fill the medications as you prescribe them.

Benefits For Attorneys

Attorneys often find themselves as the middleman between the employer, the insurance company, the patient, and the physician. With so much going on, you are just trying to best serve your clients. You and your staff may be frustrated with the amount of time spent on compiling prescription bills and medical records while making phone calls to the insurance company trying to get your client’s out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed. When you partner with AllianceMeds, we will step in and save your office from mounting administrative costs of handling issues between your clients and the insurance carrier. We will arrange to have your client’s medications sent to their home and handle reimbursement issues directly with the carrier. You can rely on us to provide summaries of your client’s past prescription costs and projections for future costs to help you have the most accurate information possible when negotiating a settlement.

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Home Delivery Pharmacy

AllianceMeds is here to help. We strive to make the post-injury prescription process as efficient and effective as possible to relieve the stress of doctors, attorneys, and patients so they can focus on what really matters. If you have questions, contact us or enroll with us today.