Workers' Compensation Pharmacy for Attorneys

Medication Delivery Service for Workers' Compensation Attorneys

When an individual is injured on the job, the worker and their attorney can benefit from the team at AllianceMeds. On staff is a group of attorneys and paralegals with years of workers’ compensation experience. Not only can we focus on making sure your client’s medications are delivered with no hassle, but we also have significant experience in helping patients fight against insurance carriers’ hardball tactics. We are committed to making the entire medication delivery process as easy as possible for attorneys, patients, and physicians alike. We understand how complex workers’ compensation cases can be and our team is ready to help you through the state-specific laws that govern these cases. While you focus on the legal aspect of the injured worker’s case, we will make sure your client receives the medication they need on time with no cost to you, your clients, or their physicians. As a workers’ compensation pharmacy for attorneys, we strive to help all parties working on behalf of the injured worker find the most success and offer future cost projections to help you negotiate the best settlement possible. If you are looking to help your client through his or her workers’ compensation claim, see what AllianceMeds can do for you as a medication delivery service for attorneys. Contact us today.

AllianceMeds is headquartered in Pennsylvania, but is licensed to deliver medications to patients in 24 states across the country.

Patient Advocates

AllianceMeds is not affiliated with any insurance or managed care companies. We are independent patient advocates. AllianceMeds is committed to working with you, your clients and their physicians to ensure that:

  • Your clients receive uninterrupted medications even during litigation.
  • You have the medical documentation you need to successfully litigate your clients’ cases.
  • Future cost projections of medical costs to increase your settlement negotiating power.
  • Post-settlement prescription services available for both MSA and non-MSA settlements.

AllianceMeds Will Assist You In Every Stage Of Your Clients’ Cases

From filling the first prescription, through litigation and mediation, and even post-settlement, AllianceMeds will help you to best represent your clients’ interests. AllianceMeds has a staff of professionals, including a workers’ compensation attorney and paralegals, with years of experience fighting for the rights of injured workers. We understand state-specific workers’ compensation cases and will save your staff from spending time on prescription issues. We also provide reports created specifically for attorneys, giving you quick access to the medical documentation you need for litigation and settlement negotiations. In addition, we offer MSA and Discounted Cash Plan Programs to ensure your clients’ prescription needs are met post-settlement.

AllianceMeds Allows You To Maintain Control Of Your Client’s Treatment

Many times, the insurance carrier will deny prescription bills in violation of the law in order to force your clients to change treatment or settle their cases prematurely. AllianceMeds provides your clients continuity of care by:

  • Never requiring pre-authorizations from the insurance carrier to ship medications
  • Continuing to fill medications during litigation
  • Maintain medication protocols as prescribed by your client’s physician
  • Advocating for your client and NEVER for the Insurance Carrier

AllianceMeds Keeps Work And Non-work Related Treatment Separate

By using AllianceMeds for work-related prescriptions and their regular pharmacy for non-work related prescriptions, your clients will keep non-work related conditions and treatment private, which will:

  • Alleviate reimbursement and subrogation nightmares when work-related medications are billed to private health insurance
  • Eliminate inadvertent access to private health information not related to your client’s work injury
  • Prevent CMS from mistakenly including non-work related medications in the MSA Allocation

AllianceMeds Helps You To Better Manage Your Client’s Case

AllianceMeds understands the workers’ compensation system and proactively manages your client’s case. If a pharmacy doesn’t understand the nuances of the law they cannot assist you in litigating your client’s case. In fact, they may even cause you to lose valuable time sorting through bills that were not properly submitted. AllianceMeds contacts the Insurance Carrier directly to work out payment issues often times eliminating the need for you to become involved. By sending your clients to our pharmacy you receive:

  • Direct access to complete medication and payment history reports helping you achieve better settlement results
  • Executed Letters of Medical Necessity (LMNs) to support the casual relatedness and reasonableness of prescribed medications
  • Complete billing packets which are ready to email in minutes, so your staff doesn’t have to waste time compiling them
  • Claimant oriented Drug Utilization Review and Pharmacological Consulting to meet your client’s specific needs pre and post-settlement
  • Future cost projections to aid in settlement negotiations

AllianceMeds will save you and your staff countless hours spent trying to resolve prescription issues, while at the same time ensuring that your clients receive the treatment they need.

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Home Delivery Pharmacy

AllianceMeds knows that it takes a coordinated effort to properly fight for the rights of injured workers. Insurance Companies trying to build cases against injured workers have attorneys, physicians, and pharmacies working for them. They offer “prescription cards” and try to force your clients to use them knowing that the PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) and retail pharmacies that “accept” those cards agree to be bound by the Carrier and will stop dispensing medications when they are told to do so by the adjuster. Being told that the pharmacy will not fill their medications because the Carrier denied them is devastating to your client. You can file litigation, but that will take time that your client doesn’t have to wait for their medications.

When you enroll your clients with AllianceMeds, we ensure that they are never without their medications. We ship all FDA approved medications directly to your clients’ homes without any delays, even during litigation. There are no out-of-pocket fees to you or your clients.

AllianceMeds ensures you clients receive uninterrupted continuity of care:

  • We fill the medications as prescribed by your clients treating physician. There are no formularies or PBMs dictating what medications your clients will receive.
  • We manage your clients’ prescriptions to provide timely refills of all maintenance medications.
  • A licensed pharmacist is available to answer all of your clients’ questions.
  • We eliminate the stress of denied prescriptions so your clients can focus on getting better.

Allow AllianceMeds to provide your client with the most reliable, hassle-free medication delivery services by enrolling them with us today. Contact us to get started.