Workers’ Compensation Pharmacy For Physicians

Medication Delivery Service for Workers' Compensation Physicians

Physicians work hard to provide their patients who have suffered workplace injuries with the best possible medical care. Patient compliance with prescribed treatment is one of the keys to success. At AllianceMeds, we are committed to providing physicians with easier ways to effectively serve all of their patients’ prescription medication needs. Our prescription medication delivery services for physicians help doctors and patients avoid complex paperwork, phones calls, and other obstacles during the prescription process. We share insurance carrier and claim information to help physicians bill correctly. All of our services are provided with no cost to physicians or their patients. Contact us today to learn how AllianceMeds ensures that your patients receive the medical treatment you prescribe without delays or the imposition of arbitrary drug formularies.

Although we are headquartered in Pennsylvania, AllianceMeds is licensed to deliver medications to patients in 24 states throughout the country.

Benefitting Physicians

Injured workers rely on physicians to assess their injuries and prescribe medication to help them recover. AllianceMeds understands how frustrating it can be for physicians to witness delays in their patients’ care due to reimbursement issues with the insurance company. When physicians collaborate with AllianceMeds, they can focus more on what really matters. We know you care about your patients and want to serve them as best you can. Allow AllianceMeds to handle the calls and claims with insurance companies so you can focus on better serving your patients. Not only will we take this burden off of your shoulders, but we will also do so without any cost to you or your patients.

AllianceMeds Improves Your Practice Management By Allowing You (Not The Insurance Company) To Control Your Patient’s Care

We fill the medications as you prescribe them. We do not substitute medications based on arbitrary drug formularies. Your patients receive uninterrupted medical care even during litigation or when the Insurance Company denies the treatment you prescribed. All medications are delivered on time to your patient’s home. There are never any co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses to your patients, so you can ensure that finances are not interfering with your prescribed treatment.

AllianceMeds Is A Patient Advocate Pharmacy

AllianceMeds works with you, your patient and your patient’s attorney to ensure that your patient receives the medical treatment you prescribe, leaving the important decisions to you and out of the hands of the Insurance Adjuster. We file all claim forms with the Insurance Company and provide valuable reports to aid your patient’s attorney in litigation. The Insurance Company has a team of experts to defend against your patient’s case. Add another expert to your patient’s team!

AllianceMeds saves you and your staff time by providing a single pharmacy to contact regarding all your workers’ compensation patients. We will contact the Insurance Company directly to resolve pre-authorization issues. We also request refills of maintenance medications 7 to 10 days before the end supply date. Some of the other benefits that physicians may enjoy when using AllianceMeds include the following:

  • AllianceMeds is a patient advocate pharmacy and is not affiliated with insurance companies or managed care programs.
  • Your staff will stop receiving calls from patients having problems filling their prescriptions.
  • Your patients will not have to pay out of pocket for any medicines.
  • You will no longer need to get pre-approvals in order to prescribe the medicine you think is best for your patients.
  • Our experienced team of legal professionals files all claim forms and handles all reimbursement issues directly with the Insurance Company.
  • Experienced workers’ compensation attorney available to assist you with billing and collection issues. Free training provided to your staff.

Utilizing a single pharmacy for all your workers’ compensation patients eliminates the hassles of dealing with multiple pharmacies on medication issues.

Physician Program

At AllianceMeds, we are committed to putting people first. Not only do we ensure that individuals who were injured in workplace accidents receive medication delivered to their door without additional fees, but we also handle the complicated insurance aspects for physicians. We aim to make this process as simple as can be for both physicians and their patients. Here’s what happens:

  1. Physicians provide AllianceMeds with the basic demographic information. AllianceMeds will speak with your patients to verify their demographic information and to schedule medication delivery that works best for them.
  2. Physicians will send patient prescriptions to AllianceMeds. This can be done by fax, phone, mail, or through Surescripts for e-prescribing (choose mail order and then “AllianceMeds WC ONLY”).
  3. Physicians get the benefit of working with one pharmacy that focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation.
  4. AllianceMeds will overnight your patients’ medications to their homes in secure packaging.
  5. We will remind your patients that we always require an adult signature to verify that the delivery has been received.
  6. We provide physicians with one on one communication with our pharmacist.
  7. AllianceMeds will automatically fax refill requests of your patients’ medication approximately 10 days before they are due.
  8. Your patient receives the uninterrupted medical treatment you prescribed.

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Pharmacy for Physicians

AllianceMeds understands how important it is for patients to receive medication quickly when they suffer a workplace injury. Physicians know better than anyone else that there are many obstacles when working with insurance carriers to ensure that all prescriptions are covered. When patients need a physician they can trust, they turn to you. When patients need a reliable prescription service that delivers to their home, they can count on us. Contact AllianceMeds today to discuss how to enroll your patients with us.