Why Did the Insurance Company Stop Paying for my Work Meds?

One of the hardest things for Injured Workers to understand is why the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company would stop paying for a medication that they paid for in the past. Most local pharmacies subscribe to an electronic switch that tells them how much they will be reimbursed for filling your prescription. An adjuster for the Insurance Company can make an entry in the switch that tells every local pharmacy that your medication is denied. The local pharmacy will tell you that you must use other insurance or pay for the medication out-of-pocket. Read on and contact AllianceMeds today to learn more about why the insurance stopped paying for your work meds.

But my workers’ compensation case is accepted and the meds are clearly related to my work injury, how can this be?   

The simple answer is that Insurance Companies don’t always play fair. The Insurance Company’s first allegiance is to its profit margins. Denying your medication may save them money is several different ways. You could pay for the medication with other insurance. You could do without the medication. Giving up on the treatment you need to avoid the hassles of dealing with the Insurance Company. Your attorney can file litigation to force payment.   However, this takes time and the Insurance Company hopes to still wear you down during this process and force you into a low settlement. Finally, you could have your doctor prescribe a different medication and hope the Insurance Company pays for that medication. However, this option places control of your treatment in the hands of the Insurance Company, where choices are made based on cost, rather than allowing your doctor to determine the treatment most likely to get you better.

So, how do you get the insurance company to pay for your work meds?

You enroll with AllianceMeds.  AllianceMeds is a pharmacy that exclusively serves injured workers. We overnight medications directly to your home and wait to get paid from the Insurance Carrier. There are never any out-of-pocket expenses, even during lengthy litigation.    We know that the Insurance Company is playing games and with the right documentation and litigation, that they will be forced to pay for your medication.  AllianceMeds allows your treating physician to control your medical treatment and gives your attorney the time they need to fight the Insurance Company. If you have any questions about how we can help, contact AllianceMeds today.