How do I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Virginia?

People often do not consider the idea of getting involved in an accident while they are at work. However, workplace accidents can cause a person serious suffering. It is because of this that they can file a workers’ compensation claim in order to receive coverage for any damages that pertain to the incident. This includes any medical bills, lost wages, lost future wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, death benefits, and more. Continue reading below to learn more about how this is done. 

Providing Notice of the Accident

After a workplace accident, injured employees must notify their employer of the matter immediately. This allows them to begin the process of obtaining workers’ compensation. Notice of an accident should be given in writing, stating their name and address as well as the time, place, and nature of the incident. Their injuries should be included as well. It is important to note that workers’ compensation benefits may not be provided unless the notice is given within thirty days after the incident. This is unless there is a reasonable excuse approved by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. 

How to File a Claim

Injured employees should file for workers’ compensation directly with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. This lets them know about the accident in order to protect the employee’s right to compensation. This should be done no later than two years after the accident happens, or the individual can lose their right to benefits. A person can file a claim in the state of Virginia in a variety of ways, including completing the Claim for Benefits Form:

  • In person and delivered to any office location in Virginia
  • By mail, sent to the Commission in Richmond, Virginia
  • By fax
  • By creating a WebFile account to file the claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission online


If you have become the victim of an on the job injury, it may be beneficial to speak with an attorney and the doctor that is treating you to determine how to make the process as easy as possible. AllianceMeds understands that a workplace accident can be challenging and is here to help. We will deliver your medication to your door using overnight delivery and cover any out of pocket expenses that may arise. If you have any questions about how we can help, contact AllianceMeds today.