Why Does Pennsylvania have Workers’ Compensation Laws?

If you work in the state of Pennsylvania, you are most likely covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act. While workers’ compensation is a commonplace security blanket, many do not recognize why it was implemented in the first place. For a long time, workers who were injured on the job had a choice; work through their injury or sue their employer. If an employee’s injury kept them from work, they were often replaced immediately. In addition, the practicality of suing one’s employer stopped many in their tracks from pursuing justice. They would often face retaliation or get fired immediately. Once the lawsuit went forth, it was a financial David vs. Goliath story, rarely ending well for the employee.

In 1915, Pennsylvania enacted the Act to correct this injustice. This law protects both employees and their employers. The Act protects employees by proving financial support after a workplace accident. This comes in the form of coverage for medical expenses and lost wages without regard for fault or previous physical condition and job protection while they file a claim and work to recover from their injuries and return to work. In exchange, employers are protected against lawsuits by employees regarding negligence or carelessness.

Workers’ compensation is mandatory for almost all employers with one or more employee in the state. Exceptions include domestic servant, agricultural workers within a certain threshold of work hours, those who have requested an exemption or those covered under another set of workers’ compensation laws. Those who do not follow the law can be subject to lawsuits and criminal charges on behalf of the state. Workers are to be covered throughout their stay in their position. Coverage starts on day one.

The Department of Labor & Industry and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation handles all matters related to workers’ compensation. Over time, the law has changed to include not only injuries, but to cover occupational diseases as well. The laws of Pennsylvania have come a long way to right a wrong that has persisted for so many years.

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