What Not to do When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When someone is injured on the job, they will oftentimes file a workers’ compensation claim to help cover the cost of their medical bills and lost wages. However, obtaining workers’ compensation benefits is not always easy, and if you are someone who has recently sustained a workplace injury, you should have a firm understanding of what to do, and what not to do, to maximize your chances of recovering the compensation you need. Please continue reading and speak with AllianceMeds to learn more about some of the most common mistakes made when filing workers’ compensation claims.

What are some of the most common mistakes regarding workers’ compensation claims?

  • Failing to report the injury. To recover compensation after sustaining a workplace injury, one of the most important things you can do is to report the injury to your employer or supervisor. When you report an injury sustained on the job, it will ensure that your employer puts the incident into formal documentation. Additionally, reporting an injury should also ensure that an ambulance is called to the scene of the accident, which will transport you to a hospital for immediate treatment. When you fail to report an injury, it significantly decreases your chances of winning a workers’ compensation claim, as your employer can deny the accident even occurred.
  • Failing to receive medical treatment after a workplace injury: Failing to receive medical treatment is a bad decision for two reasons. To start, failing to receive treatment will make it so your medical condition will go undiagnosed, and will leave a window for it to worsen. Additionally, neglecting to receive treatment will also prevent you from obtaining the necessary documentation to prove that you were injured on the job.
  • Failing to record all expenses incurred as a result of your workplace injury: Documenting each medical bill can help ensure that the extent of your injury is noted, meaning that you will stand a greater chance of recovering the compensation you need.

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