What to Know About Workers’ Compensation in Tennessee

If you have contracted a work-related illness or sustained work-related injuries on the job in Tennessee, you are likely seeking to file a workers’ compensation claim to help recover the financial cost of your medical condition and damages. Continue reading to learn more about filing workers’ compensation claims in Tennessee.

What employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in Tennessee?

If a Tennessee company meets any of the following qualifications, they will be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance:

  • Companies with five or more employees
  • Companies in the construction business or trade
  • Companies in the coal mining industries

However, companies that do not meet the above qualifications are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance under the Tennessee Workers’ Companesion Law.

What workers’ compensation benefits may I receive in Tennessee?

Under Tennessee’s workers’ compensation law, the benefits you may receive include the following:

  • Death benefits: Death benefits are rewarded when a work-related injury or illness causes the death of an employee.
  • Permanent disability benefits: These benefits seek to cover the cost of permanent total or partial disability. As long as the individual can no longer perform work activities, they should receive total disability. If the individual is only partially disabled, they should receive partial disability.
  • Temporary disability benefits: This will cover a portion of your lost wages while you recover from your condition. You may receive either temporary total disability or temporary partial disability.

How do I file a worker’s compensation claim in Tennessee?

The first step you should take after being injured on the job or getting a work-related sickness in Tennessee is to notify your supervisor or employer within 15 days of the injury or illness. Next, your employer must submit all known and reported situations to their insurance carriers within one working day of learning about the injury or illness. The following must also be reported:

  • An injury that resulted in death
  • Medical treatment outside of the employer’s premises
  • An employee’s absence from work due to their injury must also be reported.

If you are looking to file a workers’ compensation claim in Tennessee and have any additional questions regarding the process, do not hesitate to reach out to AllianceMeds to learn how we can assist you.

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