What to Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims in New Hampshire

Workplace accidents can cause severe injuries that may lead to significant financial burdens. As a result, injured employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. To learn more about recovering workers’ compensation in New Hampshire, continue reading.

What should I know about workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation assists employees who have been injured or have contracted an occupational disease while at work. Workers’ compensation provides employees with benefits to aid them when they cannot work. The following benefits may be provided for individuals who receive workers’ compensation in New Hampshire:

  • Death benefits
  • Social security benefits
  • Medical care
  • Supplemental benefits
  • Long term benefits in the event that they are no longer able to work

How can I obtain workers’ compensation?

If you have been injured on the job, you should first report the accident to your employer or supervisor right away. It is also important to file your claim as soon as possible. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier will evaluate the claim which may include investigations and interviews to determine if the claim is covered under workers’ compensation law. When a decision is reached, both sides have the right to appeal the approval or denial.

Should I take legal action?

Injured employees are likely looking to hold the responsible party accountable for their workplace accidents. It is technically possible to hold an employer responsible. However, this can cause a hostile work environment. This is why workers’ compensation exists. Employees who receive this insurance are prohibited from pursuing legal action against their employer.

What should I know about third-party lawsuits?

Though employees cannot take legal action against their employer if they receive works’ compensation, they can still take legal action against a third party. If another party is responsible for the accident, they can be held liable. If the employee wins the lawsuit and receives further compensation, they may be required to pay back the workers’ compensation.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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