Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Pharmacy

Pharmacy for Injured Workers in Pennsylvania

If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania workplace accident, you may find yourself struggling with the workers’ compensation process. Workers’ compensation benefits exist to help the injured cover the costs associated with their injuries while they recover. Many individuals who have been injured on the job find themselves needing a variety of prescription medications to heal. These patients typically have to collaborate with an attorney and physician to ensure their claims are accepted and that legal issues don’t disrupt their treatment or leave them with overwhelming bills. Each party involved in this process will have to communicate back and forth about the injured party’s prescriptions and payments. AllianceMeds is here to make that process as simple as possible. Sign up with AllianceMeds today!

In Pennsylvania, injured workers must treat with the panel physician for the first ninety days.   After the ninety-day period, an injured worker has the right to choose their medical providers including their pharmacy. In addition, even during the ninety-day period, there are exceptions that may allow the injured worker choice of medical provider. However, many times the Insurance Company will tell injured workers that they must use a mail-order pharmacy chosen by the Insurance Company. This is not true and is an attempt by the Insurance Company to illegally control the injured workers’ treatment. AllianceMeds knows the tricks the Insurance Company plays and will fight on the side of injured workers. We know injured workers receive better care when their doctors control their treatment and not the Insurance Carrier.

Our Services

AllianceMeds is committed to helping injured workers throughout Pennsylvania get the medications they need without worrying about how to get to the pharmacy, being denied, or having to pay out-of-pocket for their medications. These concerns are eliminated when you enroll with AllianceMeds. We will:

  • Deliver your workers’ compensation medications overnight free of charge
  • Eliminate all co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses and wait for insurance company reimbursement so you don’t have to
  • Request refills from your doctor 7 to 10 days before they are scheduled to run out to make sure you always have your medication
  • Provide easy-open, childproof or blister packaging for all medications
  • Fill all medications that are FDA approved, including Schedule II Narcotics
  • Ship your medications in secure packaging and provide a UPS tracking number
  • Accept prescriptions by mail for all medications
  • Accept Schedule II, III, IV and V class medications as well as non-scheduled class medications electronically

Enroll With Us Today

AllianceMeds has made the enrollment process as easy as possible so you can rest assured that your medications will be delivered without any hassles. Our enrollment process, which takes only a few minutes, is as follows:

  • We will call you to start enrollment
  • We will ask your physician to send your prescription directly to our pharmacist
  • We will obtain all of the necessary documentation from your attorney
  • We will complete all claim forms and bill the insurance carrier directly
  • We will refill your prescriptions automatically
  • We will ship your medications to your front door with UPS overnight delivery

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Home Delivery Pharmacy

At AllianceMeds, our primary goal is to let you focus on recovering while we guarantee your medication is delivered to your door, with no cost to you, your attorney or your physician. We will work closely with your physician to make sure your prescriptions are refilled timely and your attorney on any medical bill denials. Injured workers in Pennsylvania can rely on AllianceMeds for quality medication delivery services when it matters most. Contact us with any of your questions or enroll with us today.