New Hampshire Workers' Compensation Pharmacy

Workers' Compensation Pharmacy in New Hampshire

When individuals are injured on the job in New Hampshire, they may be facing very serious injuries. These injuries often result in high medical expenses, complicated insurance matters, and a lot of time out of work. With so much to worry about, the last thing a person needs to worry about is how they are going to get their medication and if they are going to be covered by the insurance company. AllianceMeds is here to help.

In New Hampshire, injured workers have the right to choose their own pharmacy. The Insurance Company may try to force the injured worker to use their mail-order pharmacy, but this is not allowed. The Insurance Company is trying to control the injured workers’ treatment in violation of New Hampshire law. AllianceMeds is on the injured workers’ side, not the Insurance Company’s and will fight to make sure that injured workers receive the medical treatment their doctors prescribe.

AllianceMeds has what it takes to make that process as simple as possible, delivering workers’ compensation medication directly to the patient, handling issues with the insurance company, and acting as a liaison between payers, physicians, and attorneys. If you are a worker injured on the job, you should focus on healing. We can take it from here. To learn what we can do for you, contact AllianceMeds or sign up with AllianceMeds today!

Our Services

AllianceMeds understands that injured workers in New Hampshire may have a lot of concerns. AllianceMeds is a quality prescription home delivery service that can ensure that you receive your prescriptions on time without the hassle or cost of other home delivery pharmacies and without the concern of treatment interruption. When you enroll with AllianceMeds, the process of obtaining workers’ compensation medication has never been easier. Our services include:

  • Providing overnight delivery to your home free of charge
  • Eliminating all co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses so you don’t have to wait for insurance company reimbursement
  • Requesting refills from your doctor 7 to 10 days before they are scheduled to run out so you never miss a day of medication
  • Providing easy-open, childproof or blister packaging for all medications
  • Filling all FDA approved medications, including Schedule II Narcotics
  • Shipping prescriptions in secure packaging that includes a UPS tracking number
  • Accepting prescriptions by mail for all medications
  • Accepting Schedule II, III, IV and V class medications and non-scheduled class medications electronically

Enrollment Process

If you are interested in having your workers’ compensation prescriptions delivered by AllianceMeds, contact us today. One of our experienced service representatives can help you enroll online, over the phone, by fax, or through the mail. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. AllianceMeds makes it easy by:

  • Calling you to get your enrollment information
  • Contacting your doctor to have your prescription sent directly to our pharmacist
  • Speaking with your attorney to inform them of your enrollment and obtain all necessary legal documents
  • Completing all claim forms and billing the insurance carrier
  • Staying up to date on all necessary prescription refills so you never go without medicine, regardless of claim issues
  • Shipping prescriptions to your front door with UPS overnight delivery

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Home delivery Pharmacy

Workers injured on the job need someone to work as an advocate on their behalf. Do not let the insurance company push you around. Not only is AllianceMeds a reliable prescription delivery service, but we are also committed to fighting for injured workers and standing up to insurance carriers when claims are denied and innocent workers are held with the bill. No more! If you have been injured in a New Hampshire workplace accident, contact us or sign up with AllianceMeds today!