Maryland Workers Compensation Pharmacy

Pharmacy for Injured Workers in Maryland

Workplace accidents in Maryland can result in very serious, life-changing injuries. These injuries often result in high medical expenses, complicated insurance matters, and time out of work. With so much to worry about, workers who are injured on the job need to focus on recovery, not how, when, or if they can get their medication. AllianceMeds is here to help. AllianceMeds works with employees, physicians, and attorneys to help patients receive their medication without worrying about for denials, or out-of-pocket expenses. We will make the whole process as simple as possible. To learn more or to enroll with our home delivery pharmacy, contact AllianceMeds.

Maryland workers’ compensation Law allows injured workers to choose their own medical providers. Insurance Companies sometimes lie and tell injured workers that they must use the mail-order pharmacy chosen by the Insurance Company. This is just an attempt by the Insurance Carrier to gain control of the injured workers’ treatment in violation of Maryland law. AllianceMeds understands Maryland workers’ compensation laws. We also fight for injured workers and will continue to fill medications even if the Insurance Carrier denies bills. This is why the Insurance Company tries to choose the pharmacy… because their pharmacy will refuse to fill medications at the Insurance Company’s request. Don’t let the Insurance Company control your treatment. Sign up with AllianceMeds today!

Our Services

AllianceMeds is dedicated to helping injured workers throughout Maryland. AllianceMeds is committed to helping you get the treatment you need by:

  • Providing free overnight delivery to your home without the extra expenses
  • Eliminating all co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Ensuring you never go without your medication by requesting refills from your doctor 7 to 10 days before they are scheduled to run out
  • Making sure all medications are easy-open, childproof or blister packaging
  • Filling all FDA approved medications, including Schedule II Narcotics
  • Shipping medications through high-security packaging that includes a UPS tracking number
  • Accepting prescriptions by mail for all medications
  • Accepting all Schedule II, III, IV and V class medications and non-scheduled class medications electronically

The Process

AllianceMeds understands how frustrating it can be to work with insurance companies and their hardball tactics. We will handle all calls and disputes with the insurance carrier, complete all claim forms and ship medications on time with no fees attached. It is our job to get reimbursed by insurance companies—not yours.

Here’s how AllianceMeds pharmacy service works. We will:

  • Call you to complete the enrollment process
  • Contact your attorney for the legal documents related to your claim
  • Get your workers’ compensation prescriptions from your physician
  • Ship your medications directly to your house via UPS overnight delivery
  • Bill the insurance carrier directly and complete all claim forms
  • Monitor your case and request refills as they become due.
  • Ensure that you receive hassle-free, uninterrupted medications, even during litigation

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Home Delivery Pharmacy

AllianceMeds is proud to serve patients in Maryland. We work closely with the injured worker’s physician and attorney to make sure all refills are handled, payments are made, and records are collected. The primary goal of AllianceMeds is to allow you to focus solely on recovering from your injuries while we handle all matters regarding your workers’ compensation prescriptions. Injured workers in Maryland can trust that AllianceMeds will provide reliable medication home delivery services until they are fully recovered. If you are interested in having your workers’ compensation medication delivered by AllianceMeds, enroll with us or contact us to speak to a representative.